Active Business 365 Products

Explore your Accountancy Skills, own your Accounting software without accounting knowledge on Cloud

Accounts Receievable

Enjoy managing your Customer and other Accounts receivables like bill receipts with easiest way, in other way system provides the recurring options.

Accounts Payable

Manage your Suppliers and other Accounts payables like bill payment with layman language, system provides the recurring payment options.

General Ledger

Setup your Accounting Ledger without Accounting Knowledge, now you will become an accountant with easy ledger making options. Track your accounts expenses.

Bank and Cash

Manage your Bank details and Cash Details with maximum easiest way. Track all your bank cash-flow for your payments and receipts and cash accounts.


Powerful inventory features are packed with adjustment and validations. Use multiple warehousing and branches for your inventory movement.

Fixed Assets

Now track your company Fixed Asset register easily with auto depreciations. Your company assets on your way track.Your company assets on your way track.