Pay Less Dollars and Get more on your Asset Tracking and Maintain functions, It’s great to have the right solutions at your premises

Active Business 365 Asset Tracker

Tracking and Maintaining Asset is cumbersome when you are managing and maintaining manual with spreadsheets. With Active business 365 Cloud solutions, it’s perfect blend of your Asset inventory tracking and maintenance will become perfect and time saving process.

Centralize your ASSET data

Access your Asset Data Anywhere anytime basis without hassle and installation on your local machine. ActiveBuisness 365 enables your organization to track and maintain assets across your branches.

Asset Tracking

ActiveBusiness 365 tools help to track Assets with Barcode or RFID integrations. Forget all of your manual process to track and enable our cloud solutions for unlimited tracking


Using Maps, every Assets are identified with locations. Integrate with GPS and get details of Asset by Location wise. Create unlimited Business units or Locations.

Simplified Maintenance

ActiveBusiness 365 helps to maintain your Assets anywhere anytime basis with costs. It provides the facility to make preventive scheduler for your Category of Assets and keeps track of Corrective or Reactive functions for services. Job order provides option with billing and non billing functions.

Cost Effective

How it is possible to run the Asset expenses with minimal cost. Leto Active Business 365 helps to reduce your cost end to end.

Go mobile and reach out from anywhere

Connect all of your Assets with locations online for easy processing of transaction on Mobile. Get instant report on mobile. Active Business 365 perfectly packed with Responsive applications. System automatically adjust screens based on the device found, avoid typical Mobile Apps.

Facilities managers around the globe trust us with their resource management.

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