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Keep Document copy on your bag always had problems, Leto Active Business – eDocumentStore bring all of your Document on your Pocket Access. It’s a great deal to deal with your documents on time. Get scan or photo of your daily process documents and keep in our cloud, it will not be lost. You are secured.

Store Document

How is the great access of your documents digitally storing day to day, because we forget and keep somewhere and search Ex. Warranty papers to deal with. Now instantly store your document after getting from your store or vendor.

Centralize your ePaperDrive

ActiveBusiness 365 tools help to organize your paper data into ePaper and neatly organize and collaborate. Our eDocumentStore helps to get access with limits.

Folder Management

Folder creation and sync with your workspace made easy, through eDocumentStore manage your folders wisely and organize with Team structure.

Fast uploads

Save time with fast bulk uploads so you can get started right away with the files you need from your Local Drive.

View different file formats

Leto eDocumentStore supports more than 100 file types on your Local PC or Mobile. Enable to access your documents everywhere for approval

Instant notifications

When you Focus on your work, it’s great to get notification on your document approval. Leto ePaperDrive enables your organization to get into views for approvals.

Go mobile and reach out from anywhere

It’s great deal to access or upload your document from your App and share your documents. It can be either your personal or professional document, it’s same procedure. Go Mobile for your eDocument from today with eDocumentStore.

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